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Morning Glory

The particular light of sunrise over fog-crested hills and hollows taken by cell phone camera from the car.
Virginia is so beautiful!

Text came in at 5:33 – strong contractions for an hour.


I jumped up and dressed in the semi-light leaking past the shade and curtains, not stopping to realize the shirt was on inside out – a situation not rectified until I looked in the bathroom mirror some three hours later…

Got on the road, and had the pleasure of driving reverse-commute. It’s not quite gloating, the feeling you get when you speed along opposite a two-mile backup, but it must be similar.

I arrived at 6:30, and all progress stopped.

We walked and walked around the neighborhood. Contractions came back steady and strong while we walked, but the moment we went back in the house – back to a standstill.

My friend is very discouraged.

I came home in the mid-afternoon after making a visit at the exquisite, cathedral-style church in her neighborhood where Our Lord just happened to be exposed for Adoration.

We’ll try again when baby says it’s time.

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