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Sharing Good Friday in a little way

At the 3 PM Mass on Good Friday, I asked Our Lord for some little way to join in his suffering, and was promptly answered by our four-year-old daughter heaving the contents of her stomach all over herself, me, and the inside of the Church and leaving a trail of thick vomit from our seats, through the foyer, and all the way to the toilet stall.

By providential happenstance, I had The Key in my pocket, and while it was intended to facilitate the “Welcome to the Church” party tomorrow night, it allowed me access to the janitorial closet where I found supplies to mop and wipe and scrub before five hundred people came out to walk through it!

My own little part of the ‘Via Dolorosa!’ 

She is better, thanks for wondering.

Not to Be Outdone

Not to be outdone by their azure cousins, these "Pinkbells" make a gorgeous compliment to the Designer's Spring Collection on display at Manassas Battlefield. Notice the lute- or fork-like shadow on the center leaf. Taken with the cell-phone camera.

Bluebells and Cockle Shells

See the carpet of bluebells on the forest floor? Manassas Battlefield is famous for its Springtime bluebell display. The woods were resplendent! God loves to make things marvelously beautiful for us!

The Road Less Traveled

A lonely path through the Manassas Battlefield, replete with bare branches above and their shadows underfoot. It makes me think of Robert Frost, who declared he had taken "the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

Isn’t it true that sometimes the scary obstacles in the path are nothing more than shadows?

Look at the negative space in the shadows on the ground and the trees against the sky.


My son and I were competing to take the morning’s best picture.  I think this one is a contender.


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