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One of the Lord’s presents: Silence in His Presence

It’s one of those, “I know it’s bad, and I do it anyway” things.

I know I’m supposed to be quiet in the sanctuary and go out to the foyer to talk, but…

The excuses are myriad:

– I’m just saying hi, and then I’m going to finish saying thank you to Our Lord.

– They can’t move stand in the foyer on those cruches, so we’ll just have a quick chat here.

– If I don’t grab her now, she’ll be off to her daughter’s without saying goodbye.

– It’ll just take a minute.

I’ve noticed the whispers after Mass have increased in quantity like an army of middle-school boys with a secret.

And I feel a little responsible.

Like I could make a difference if I really wanted to.

I could silently motion toward the foyer and follow her out.

I could smile and wave.

I could walk out after Mass and make my thanksgiving when I’ve had a chance to say hi to everyone.

Maybe the problem is a lack of reality check.

God is, like, really there.

Fully present.

The Mastermind behind quarks, platypuses, teenagers, and other mysteries.

The Old Testament prophet, Zechariah, said,

“Silence, all mankind, in the presence of the Lord! ”

…and I think he still means it!

Maybe a little sacrifice is in order.

Maybe a “second-day-of-Christmas” present to him.

Silence in his presence.

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