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Changing the Air Filters

It’s March, and time for the quarterly change of the furnace air filter.

It’s my only foray into the foreign world of the furnace and it’s sharp-cornered arteries, but I do it for the sake of the household air quality.

The hinge on the filter door doesn’t work, so I pound it open, pull out the old filter gently, so as not to create an allergenic dust storm, and quickly pop it into a plastic garbage bag.

After turning the new filter around several times, searching the recesses of my memory for an indication of the direction of airflow through the ducts, I finally hope for the best and push it in, pounding the sheet-metal door back into place.

The bag goes to the outside trash. I don’t want it inside, spreading dust around.

Amazing how thick the buildup on the filter. They say monthly changes are needed if you have someone with allergies in the house, but I can see how more frequent changes could be good for everyone.

…which all came to mind in the Confessional this afternoon.

It has been a full month since I changed my proverbial filter, exchanging the sin encrusted version, thick with dusty imperfections, and polluted intentions for the crisp cleanliness of a soul washed by grace.

The Church only requires Confession once a year, around this time, but in the same way my house would make me sick if I changed the filter only once a year, quarterly Confession is more healthful, monthly Confession better, and bi-weekly Confession, optimal.

When I’m done purifying the air quality in my spiritual “house,” I leave the dirty filter in the Confessional and let Our Lord take out the trash.

Have you changed your filter, lately?

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