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Although the Destination Is the Same…

Sunshine dapples the brick face of Old Salem Church like bullets did in May, 1862.
The church was used as a field hospital, amputated limbs stacked in corners higher than a man’s height, blood running out the doors.
The building is resting quietly after all the drama.
Taken on my cell phone camera

…there are all manner of entrances, depending on who you are.

Especially at this 19th century Baptist Church which was the site of Civil War battle.

Nearly 4000 people were killed here. The same loss as one day of abortion.

The door in the foreground was for slaves. It leads to a set of tiny stairs completely partitioned off from the interior of the church. The stairs lead to the upper gallery – a three-sided balcony where slaves could participate in the service without mixing with the congregation below.

The near door on the left was for men.

The far door for women.

Everyone inside segregated from one another.

Maybe these doors are an indication of the architectural influence held by the social convention of the time, but they make me think of “The Narrow Gate” of Gospel fame whose way is hard but leads to life. Or the Eye of the Needle Gate, through which camels could pass only on their knees when all their baggage was removed. Or the first Mark of the Church: One.

We are one. There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free. We are One in Christ Jesus. Members of his body, the Church.

These different doors lead to the same sanctuary, but when each person is carried out in their casket, their souls will have to find the single gate to the Heavenly sheepfold: Jesus.

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