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Listening Shoes

“God is deeply involved in the affairs of men.”

In case you ever wonder if God is hanging on your every word, listen to what happened this morning.

It’s time for Mass, the kids are getting in the car, and I’m in my closet pulling out my only pair of dress-up shoes – a pair of black patent leather high heels. Too much for Sunday Mass and they don’t match my outfit like brown shoes would.

“Lord, I need a pair of brown shoes,” I mumble, more a statement than a request. Nothing I can do but put on the black ones and get going.

We arrive in the Church parking lot and climb out of the car. Suddenly, friends come zooming by in their truck and pull up along side us as we walk toward the building.

The lady shoves her arms out the window, and in each hand is a pair of shoes.

Brown shoes.

Brown shoes nice enough to wear to Mass, and cute, too!

“Here,” she hollers, “these are big enough for you!”

They fit perfectly.

From our mouths to God’s ear.

He’s listening.

I love you, Lord!!! Thanks for the shoes!

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