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Rosana – Epilogue

Epilogue – a year later

Nena tugged at his pant leg, begging for a crumb of attention, but Barto didn’t even notice. He was crooning to a little blanket-covered bundle he held carefully in his arms.

Bring him to me, Love,” said Rosana, holding out her arms. “Hear him fussing? He needs to eat.”

He’s fine,” said Barto, bouncing Owen slightly, “we’re having some male bonding time.” He toured the patio, pointing out the sights. “Down there is Palmar, your hometown, and over there is the beach where Papi gave Mami her ring – see her ring?”

Rosana held up her left hand, making the bright stones flash in the morning sunlight.

And down there is the Church where Papi and Mami were married, and here is Nena, who is jealous of the attention you get.”

And here is abuelita,” said Norma, wheeling out onto the patio. She sniffed the air sharply. “Abuela can smell that it is time for a diaper change! Give me that baby.” She held out her arms imperiously and waited while the child’s father laid him gently in her lap.

See you in a minute, young man,” he whispered to the baby.

Rosana waited until the baby was secure in his grandmother’s arms and then pushed the chair into the living room, converted to Norma’s bedroom.

Just call when you’re ready, abuela” she said, kissing the top of Norma’s head.

Norma looked up, her eyes beginning to overflow. “Mija, how was this possible? How could this little one have come to be?”

Barto says it’s because he’s so strong,” grinned Rosana, twirling a lock of the baby’s curly hair. “But you already know, Mama. It’s part of God’s plan. Maybe Owen is going to do something important.”

Or maybe God just intends our line to keep on going.”

Either way, he’s here, our love come to life, and you have a grandson.”

Norma held the baby to her heart. “God be praised,” she wept.

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