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Why Do People Do NFP?

Why do they initially come for information?

What captures their attention?

What makes them continue using it?

These questions and more were part of a survey conducted by Mary Hasson at http://www.wordsfromcana.wordpress.com about Natural Family Planning usage.
As an instructor of the Creighton Model System of Natural Family Planning (CrMS), I replied:

People come to CrMS to learn how to be in control of their bodies (and, they hope, by extension, their lives).

They respond to the introductory information with amazement that this is scientifically viable, and not some hokey weirdness.

They stay when they experience the exciting synergy of working with their bodies (and thus, their Creator, but I digress…).

There is a huge psychological/spiritual component of natural methods of family planning.  It is truly holistic, addressing body, mind, and spirit, which we know are interconnected, but which becomes very clear when charting.

I always say, “It all comes out on the chart,” meaning everything going on in their lives, histories, and spirits shows itself through the chart, and if they are willing to do the work, much healing occurs.  Not just gynecologically.

I also call NFP a “Trojan Horse of grace,” because whatever the motivations for starting, God uses their NFP efforts as an excuse to bless and heal them and to turn their hearts toward Himself.

It’s real. I see it everyday in follow-ups.


If you’re not familiar with how CrMS can be used to achieve or avoid a pregnancy, or the medical branch – NaProTechnology, in which we can find and with the help of a doctor, diagnose and treat a wide variety of gynecological disorders.  Including  infertility!

More at: fertilitycare.org or creightonmodel.com

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